Branch Office Optimization


The Branch Office Transformation: Empowering Employees with Mobility

If you asked people to name three industries that have embraced employee mobility, do you think financial services would be on their list?

Probably not.

But the reality is, the financial services industry has changed dramatically. In recent years, our tradition-bound industry has undergone an incredible mobile transformation. Banks and other financial services organizations have shifted focus from traditional full-service branches to a variety of new outlets such as self-service kiosks in “skinny” branches, temporary locations set up in unused office for mobile agents, seasonal pop-up outlets in malls, and even roaming agents—equipped with mobile technologies—who work with customers remotely from a home office or deliver service at the customer’s own home, office or anywhere else.

The transformation is real. Just look at the numbers. According to a recent CEB Insight Brief commissioned by Citrix, the majority of financial services employees—over 90%—regularly work remotely away from the office, or in the office, but away from their desks.

So why are leading financial organizations doing this? Simple. To better compete, react faster to customer needs, and deliver better in-person customer experiences.

And while these new branch-office outlets provide companies with more opportunity to serve their customers (and grow market share), they’re also creating monumental challenges for the IT organizations tasked with making them successful.

Just think, the mobile security and compliance concerns alone are enough to keep your IT team up at night. But you also have to provision IT resources to new employees, deliver seamless access to applications, ensure bandwidth availability on congested networks and allow employees’ personal devices on the network.

So how do you keep all of your new branch offices and mobile employees productive and happy while also keeping the business secure? With Financial Services solutions from Biz IT Group and Citrix. These solutions deliver the flawless uptime of the apps and data your branch offices need to provide excellent customer service over any network. Even better, all business-critical apps and data are managed centrally, enabling you to improve security and failover while also reducing local IT instances and associated costs.

In addition, with these solutions, your team can also:

  • Add low-cost broadband connections to expand WAN capacity while maintaining MPLS-level quality and reliability
  • Maintain high performance for mission-critical applications without additional requirements or costs, even when a network connection fails
  • Deliver a secure, personalized workspace for branch workers on mobile devices so they can service customers standing in line

See how you can optimize the performance of your branch offices and mobile employees. To learn more about Financial Services solutions from Biz IT Group and Citrix, visit where you can access a library of resources including white papers and videos. Or give us a call.