Secure Mobile Productivity


From Wall Street to Every Street: How Financial Services Is Redefining Business Mobility

In today’s rapidly changing global markets, the financial services industry is more dynamic and competitive than ever. And staying ahead of your competitors (of every size) means delivering exceptional service to attract and retain customers.

Most of all, that means responding to your customers wherever you are, or going to wherever they are. Regardless of whether your employees are working in neighborhood branch offices, self-service kiosks in “skinny” locations, pop-up outlets in malls or even visiting customers in their homes, one thing remains essential—to be successful, they must all have fast, secure, reliable access to vital apps and data.

Of course, you know it’s not that simple.

Delivering business-critical apps and data is hard enough. But you’ve also got to successfully manage security concerns, compliance mandates, networking challenges, employee-owned device preferences and more—all on a fixed budget.

The good news is, there’s a solution that meets all of your IT requirements while also providing employees with a consistent user experience on any device they’re using—Biz IT Group mobile workspace solutions powered by Citrix.

Comprised of market-leading virtualization, mobility, networking and cloud technologies, mobile workspace solutions keep your on-the-go workforce secure and productive. Better yet, you can manage it all centrally while keeping everything highly secure. With these solutions, your team can:

  • Improve employee productivity, business agility and customer service
  • Provide a consistent digital workplace for a highly distributed workforce
  • Enable employees to work from anywhere to better serve customers everywhere
  • Support more users and endpoints without increasing the complexity or cost

See why the top 20 global financial institutions along with thousands of other firms are using these Citrix-powered solutions to deploy their mobility initiatives. Visit where you can access a library of resources including white papers and videos. Or give us a call.