Service Desk

Peace of mind: Just a call/email/chat message away


Technical problems are never convenient, and when they crop up you want a quick resolution so you can get back to work. That’s why we offer IT Service Desk support – every minute of every day, Response time is 15 minutes or less, guaranteed. No appointments are required. A sympathetic ear and an expert solution are just a phone call away. 

On-Demand Remote Support

Our 24/7 IT Service Desk is your first line of defense whenever you have an issue with your workstation, device, or network. Here’s the best news: 80% of all IT problems can be solved remotely in less than an hour. If a call to our Service Desk can’t resolve your issue quickly, we’ll escalate the service ticket to an onsite engineer. We’ll even supply loaner equipment if you need it.

Even if a problem is caused by a third-party vendor, we are happy to work through the issues with them on your behalf. Whatever it takes to solve your problem, our objective is always the same: to get you working again as fast as possible.



Cloud Services

SaaS, IaaS and Virtual Desktops


Today, many businesses are moving from traditional client-server environments to cloud-based services, such as Microsoft Office 365™ or Google Docs. This shift is giving organizations –smaller businesses especially – the IT capabilities to grow without having to invest in large, expensive servers. We have assisted numerous organizations in this transition and can make the switch easy for you too, migrating your applications and services to cloud platforms with minimum disruption to your staff.




Virtual Chief Information Officer at your service


A traditional Chief Information Officer (CIO) offers full-time strategic IT analysis and management but is usually out of the price range for small and medium sized businesses. A Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO), however, is outsourced, providing these services at a lower cost. vCIO duties include the following:

  • Offering extensive guidance on new IT initiatives
  • Laying out an IT budget
  • Preparing your business for technology changes
  • Providing regular reports on your network's health and security status


Endpoint Management

Relieving you of daily monotony


Even organizations with dedicated IT staff can benefit from the specialized expertise, capable talent, and outsider’s perspective that BizIT can offer. By using our resources to handle routine maintenance tasks, your team can be more strategic and effective. Our professionals are well seasoned, so we know what works and what doesn’t, which makes us an ideal partner as you consider upgrading equipment, introducing new software, or changing systems.

BizIT has mature processes and automated systems for managing any number of workstations and devices. We can monitor, perform installations, and troubleshoot any number of devices efficiently and quickly. When workstations and devices are centrally managed, they have fewer problems and are much simpler to maintain.



Patch and Vulnerability Management

A mix of consistency and security to make
sure all devices are in tip-top condition

Nothing is more critical to your company’s security and performance than keeping software up to date. Biz IT Group's Network Operations Center makes up your Patch and Vulnerability Group (PVG) which is responsible for monitoring, testing and implementing remediations, and reporting so you don't have to. This makes managing and implementing patches easy and efficient so that you never have to worry about yesterday’s security vulnerabilities.



Monitoring and Alerting

Round-the-clock security


Network monitoring lies at the heart of our managed IT services. We use sophisticated technology to watch over your network around the clock. When our system spots emerging problems, we are able to act quickly to prevent a critical hardware failure or troubleshoot a balky network process. The result? Your team experiences far less down time, never loses data, and gets more done than ever before.



Security Management

Just think of us as your full-time bodyguards


We provide bottom-to-top security services designed to discover vulnerabilities in your network and harden it against malicious intrusions, malware, and data theft. We can also monitor your network in real time to fend off attacks if and when they happen. And Biz IT doesn't just stop there – we spend time talking to and educating your employees to make sure everyone has a basic knowledge of on and offline security management. In today’s world, no business can afford to take security lightly.



Backup Management

We've got your back


Reliable backups are the insurance policies of business IT. You don’t miss them until you need them, but when a hard drive fails or a critical file is accidentally overwritten, they are your salvation. BizIT will help you develop and put in place a strategy to keep all of your data safe across your range of hardware and devices.



Image Management

Making sure every computer at your company is flawless


Upgrading and configuring employee workstations can dramatically affect productivity in organizations of any size. We make the process easy by using efficient imaging techniques to capture and migrate data from old machines to new ones. This saves time and makes getting new employees set up or installing company-wide updates substantially easier. Additionally, image management results in fewer operating errors and decreases the Total Cost of Ownership by as much as 42% over a four year lifecycle!



Application Management

So you never have to miss an update again


We use state-of-the-art technology to push new and updated applications to every machine in your organization. This process eliminates the need to work on individual staff computers sparing them the downtime and allowing them to continue to be productive.