Why do our clients choose us?

We can think of a lot of reasons, but we’ve narrowed it down to three key benefits:



Any IT support services firm can fix problems as they arise, but our managed services firm takes a different approach. We prefer to prevent problems before they happen. Over the past 12 years, Biz IT has been developing best practices around key technology areas and implementing them as configuration standards. This approach enables us to monitor your network, servers, workstations and cloud services for compliance with their respective standards and to pro-actively remediate issues before they disrupt the work of your staff or cause any unscheduled service outages. We also perform quarterly technology alignment reviews to make sure your technology is configured in a way that best supports your organization’s business processes and operations and to identify adjustments necessary to mature the corresponding technologies best practices and configurations.


As a mature, full-service IT management firm, we have the expertise and resources on staff to work quickly with you to monitor and manage your network. When issues do happen, we provide fast support – usually in a few hours or even minutes. In fact, most problems can be addressed with our remote management tools, which saves you even more time. Of course, you can expect regular on-site visits from one or more of our network administrators. And when you need emergency in-office support, we’ll dispatch a technology SWAT team to take care of the issue. At BizIT, we’re built to be responsive.


When we put our people and processes to work on your organization’s network, you’ll find that your hardware and software investment takes you further meaning you won't have to invest in new technology as frequently. Your team will have a lot less downtime, and productivity will take off. We’re not just affordable. We’re a critical part of your team.